Sharpen Your Instincts

Are you agile enough to survive? Let Callie Roos teach you how to thrive, grow and expand yourself and your business.

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How can we help you?

Callie is a revolutionary game-changer. He uses the survival instincts of nature, strategies and tactics of the military, and the art of people science to facilitate EXPERIENCES and interventions that harness sharper instincts and faster growth. Just think of what can happen in a business if the leaders can harness their instinctive skills and improve their intuitive intelligence in leading the pack.

We facilitate these challenges:

  • Prepare leaders for agility
  • Facilitate business for growth in challenging times
  • Build capacity in teams through provoking experiences

What do you want?

  • In the era of agility, leaders that can fast-track growth
  • Teams confident to venture into uncharted territory
  • Business processes designed and fit for optimised flow and performance

How do we do this?

  • Inspirational talks on higher purpose and meaning
  • Build a unique process model for optimised flow
  • Facilitate extreme team experiences for improvement in the African Wilderness
  • Equip leaders for agility

Who am I?

You can become authentic as a leader and team player in a world that is so desperate for guidance and inspiration. For this you need to rediscover your true self.



Inspirational KeynotesMany people describe Callie Roos as a revolutionary game-changer. Experience Callie Roos in action.


OnTrack Executive ExperienceFor leaders who want a bush experience to take time out to reflect, reframe and hardwire a new way of thinking and doing. Designed for leaders and their teams. Here we change the people who will change the business.


Optimised Flow Module A dynamic approach tailored to each business and team’s unique needs to fast track results. Engage with key teams to hardwire new ways of thinking to implement to get to the desired results. This model will give you 10 – 50% improvement on the bottomline of your business. In this process the current thinking models or belief do change for sustainable growth.


Callie Roos: Mentor, facilitator and speaker.

Leaders, isn’t it time you pushed your own limits, challenged your own perceptions and reconnected with your greater purpose?


It's time for sharper instincts. Faster growth. Experience Callie Roos & Associates.

For leaders and their teams who need to align to a brave new vision, chase aggressive targets or make fundamental shifts in your business the team journey is for you!



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How we guide leaders to see

"People and more so leaders want to be in control, thus resulting in the biggest fallacy on planet earth. Our obsession with wanting to be in control destroys the spirit of the human being and ultimately the soul of society or a great business." - Callie Roos

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Many people describe Callie Roos as a revolutionary game changer.

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