Leaders OnTrack

Leaders OnTrack Team Journey with Callie Roos

The Objective

Changing the people who will change the business. Taking Senior Business Executive teams on a unique African Wilderness experience where you track wild Lions, Elephants, Rhinos or Buffalo learning from the ancient skill the art of tracking, developing instincts that you can take into your business.

The Positive Disruption

A disruptive experience out of your and your team’s comfort zone that will enable you to:

  • Change your business dynamics by observing nature
  • Align to one vision and purpose
  • Create flow that will impact the bottom line of your business
  • Unleash individuals’ potential


Here's what you can expect during your Elite OnTrack experience:

  • A big five bush experience at a 5 Star Safari Camp in a Private Game Reserve (locations across Southern Africa)
  • With Africa’s top field guides and trackers
  • It starts with secured guided walks and game drives for a unique up-close experience of the true African Bush and Wildlife
  • Explore the principles of an open system and allow for the intrinsic reframing of new beliefs to unfold
  • It ends off in a riverbed or campfire conversation where the skill of dialogue is facilitated to determine new strategies for both business and life