Experiences with purpose


Select between your choice of Inspirational Keynotes or an On Track Executive Experience with Callie Roos and Associates.


Callie Roos: Mentor, facilitator and speaker.

Leaders, isn’t it time you pushed your own limits, challenged your own perceptions and reconnected with your greater purpose?

Experiences with purpose


It's time for sharper instincts. Faster growth. Experience Callie Roos & Associates.

For leaders and their teams who need to align to a brave new vision, chase aggressive targets or make fundamental shifts in your business the team journey is for you!



The most powerful executive team intervention for leaders that the African continent has to offer. It will give you a new mental model for business success, innovation and agile execution. This experience will facilitate sharper instincts for faster growth.


On Track Experiences are designed for leaders and their teams experiencing the African wilderness. By observing nature, teams learn to develop instincts that can be induced into business.
Callie Roos & Associates Callie Roos & Associates Callie Roos & Associates Callie Roos & Associates Callie Roos & Associates Callie Roos & Associates Callie Roos & Associates Callie Roos & Associates


Personal encounters and proven results from thousands of participants and proven results from more than 200 companies. Here's what some clients had to say about their experiences with Callie Roos.

EXXARO initially had a share value of R60 per share. With Callie Roos working closely with management we were able to achieve an increase to above R200 per share. This resulted in a follow-up holistic approach facilitating the whole of EXXARO (13 000 people) for a period of time.

Wim de Klerk Previous CFO at Exxaro

Thanks to you and your team for a great experience. It really did meet my expectation. The feedback I got from the team was that this was the best team building session they have ever attended. I think the bush experience allows one to have time for some introspection. It becomes a 'soul' experience.

Mxolisi Mgojo Executive General Manager, Coal, EXXARO.

Through a technique of dialogue Callie manages to not only create involvement but also buy-in on the journey being taken. The process ensures each person see the compelling reason for change, prepare them for change, so as not to only implement these at work but also integrate it within one's personal life, i.e. real life purpose!

Johan Ferreira General Manager - AngloGold Ashanti Limited

Many people describe Callie Roos as a revolutionary game changer.

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